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Digital Economic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Advanced Economic - Essay Example It is beneficial to make reference to that Internet and cell phones are two separate substances in this worldwide condition of today. Web is interconnecting the nations and societies. Then again, cell phones are giving simplicity of availability. Consolidating the two advancements is drastically affecting today’s business houses and their techniques. While building up a 21st century business methodology, specialists are presently attempting to concentrate on the nature and conduct of target crowds or client gatherings. Today’s clients or potential clients are undeniably progressively lithe, educated, and dynamic over the informal organizations. Sites like Facebook, Top Ten Reviews, and so forth have expanded the extent of cooperation among clients and clients in an extraordinary way. In such conditions, a planner must think in an imaginative way, with the goal that he/she can make a positive impression of his/her organization the whole way across the Internet. For insta nce, an organization would now be able to build up its own application (an exceptionally compact type of programming application). This sort of modified programming utilities can be effortlessly introduced in cell phones (for example a tab or a cell phone). At that point, clients can without much of a stretch attempt or investigate the wares or offices that are being given by the organization concerned. Additionally, sites like Facebook permit business undertakings to make their devoted pages for exposure. Presently Zara is a major retailer of material and design items, which seems to have redirected from the general course of Internet-based business application advancement and vital modifications. It does constrained publicizing and purposeful publicity. This approach is kept up over the Internet as well. Recurrence of online promotions is significantly constrained by Zara. Be that as it may, this can be noted as an unpredictable impact of Internet/versatile advances. Since the greater part of the style retailers are currently excessively stressing on Internet and versatile advancements, Zara potentially needs to appear to be unique and arrive at its dedicated

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Alcoholic Beverage and Energy Drink Essay Example for Free

Mixed Beverage and Energy Drink Essay The principle target of Hector Beverage Pvt ltd is to catch the market and situated the brand in the brain of the client. The principle focused on clients are school students,sports individual. Since the drink fragment is an expanded section . The opposition is high and there are a lot progressively incomparable brands and it is hard for another brand to catch the market. Affirmation No assignment whatever huge or little can be finished without appropriate direction and support. It gives us an extraordinary joy to our profound feeling of appreciation and worship to each individual who made a suitable environment for fruitful consummation of this venture. In doing this venture, I have been very special to get support from an enormous number of learned individuals. I am profoundly obliged to Mr Neeraj Kakkar (CEO), Mr James Paul Nattal (CFO), Mr Suhas Misra (COO), Miss Ujwala Mishra (HR EXECUTIVE ) Mr Gaurav Sharma (Area chief) for allowing me the chance to experience my undertaking in their regarded association and for giving their convenient proposals important direction. I might want to offer our thanks and significant gratitude to Mr Pravat Shrivastsv (Senior facilitator), Miss Shilpa Puri (Faculty), International Management Center, New Delhi for his important continued, direction, priceless proposals and steady support without which it would not have been feasible for us to finish this venture. Chapter by chapter list Topic| Page no. | Cover page| | Title page| | Certificate| | Acknowledgement| | Preface| | List of figures| | List of Tables| | Executive Summary| 7| Introduction of Report| 9| Company Profile| 11| Literature Review| 18| Objectives| 19| Research Methodology| 20| Findings AnalysisConclusion| 3435| Recommendations| 36| Limitations| 37| Biblography| 38| Annexture| 39| | LISTS OF FIGURES: List of Figures| List of Tables| Page No| Figure 1:Pie diagram for sexual orientation | Table 1| 22| Figure 2:Bar diagram for running over a vitality drink| Table 2| 23| Figure3:Bar chart for standard curstomer| Table 3| 24| Figure4: Bar graph for tasting vitality drink| Table 4| 25| Figure 5: Bar outline for tasting Tzinga| Table 5| 26| Figure 6: Bar diagram for new mindfulness about Tzinga| Table 6| 27| Figure7: Bar outline for rating Tzinga flaviur| Table 7| 28| Figure8: Bar graph for tzinga giving advantage| Table 8| 29| Figure9: Bar diagram of tzinga in some other flavour| Table 9| 30| Figure10:Bar graph for rating Tzinga agreement to price| Table 10| 31| Figure 11:Bar outline for comparision of Tzinga to other drinks| Table11| 32| |. | EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Hector Beverages carries new understanding to the Indian shopper. The organization have utilized some natuaral herbs which is useful for human wellbeing that rises up out of logical perception/investigation of nature and makes delectable refreshments, partner with driving organizations and characters. Take these examples is the first launch:Tzinga, lemon and mint flavor with regular herbs Gaurana and Zingsing. This item has a tasty taste of lemon mint with characteristic herbs Isolate with . Normal herbs are utilized to susstitute the measure of caffeine which is harmful to wellbeing . Its exceptional taste mekes it not quite the same as some other caffeinated drink. What's more, it has low measure of calories most reduced calories. It is ideal for dedicated days. They have these incredibly important items which are going to give them an upper hand over different items. Presentation The current world is quick moving world individuals are exceptionally occupied and don't have the opportunity to take legitimate feast and expend for the most part low quality nourishment which are high in calorie substance and terrible for wellbeing. it brings about a wide range of issue. Because of high admission of low quality nourishments and low utilization of high supplement esteem food individuals are experiencing increasingly more alments. so as to remain solid and fit ,individuals should take legitimate wholesome substance food. So Hector Beverage have propelled new caffeinated drink which has totally new flavor like lemon and mint which is totally drink from other enrgy drink. Hector is for the most part focusing on understudies and office representatives. So Hector is leading numerous limited time exercises to make a mindfulness So the primary target of Hector Beverage is to Create brand mindfulness for Tzinga. Presentation OF PROJECT Beverage industry is one of the quickly developing ventures in India . it tends to be partitioned into two segments I. e. carbonated and non-carbonated. the carbonated beverages that can be additionally characterized into cola, lemon orange, mango and apple sections. Showcasing incorporates all the exercises like advancement, dispersion, promoting and so on. To satisfy all the fragments of buyers. Promoting is additionally to change over social needs into productive chances. So this theme gives all the fundamentals to hypothetical information with pragmatic information and to teach the effectiveness. It is additionally prerequisite for the organization to improve their administration and item quality for accomplishing their definitive objective. Refreshments can be arranged into 2 sorts ALCHOHOLIC BEVERAGE A mixed drink is a beverage containingethanol, normally known as liquor. Mixed drinks are separated into three general classes: brews wines, and spirits. Liquor is a psychoactive medication that has a depressanteffect. A high blood liquor content is generally viewed as legitimate inebriation since it diminishes attentionand eases back response speed. Liquor can be addictive, and the condition of addictionto liquor is known as liquor addiction. The creation and utilization of liquor happens in many societies of the world, from tracker gatherer people groups to country states. Mixed refreshments are frequently a significant piece of get-togethers in these societies. In numerous societies, drinkingplays a noteworthy job in social association †essentially in light of alcohol’s neurological impacts. NONALCHOLIC BEVERAGE A non-mixed drink is a beveragethat contains under 0. 5% liquor by volume. Non-alcoholic forms of somealcoholic refreshments, for example, non-jazzed up brew (close to lager) and cocktails(mocktails), are generally accessible where mixed drinks are sold.alcoholic wine experience a liquor evacuation process that may leave a modest quantity of liquor. Along these lines, a few states have lawful limitations on non-fermented lager and wine. | Association PROFILE HECTOR BEVERAGES The drink contributions in the created world are such a great amount of better than those in the creating scene. Drinks in the US and Europe are a significant conveyance component for supplements (full scale, similar to protein and smaller scale nutrients and minerals) while in the creating nations they are minimal more than (as we have noted) improved bubbly water. Hector Beverage Pvt Ltd. is here to overcome any barrier, to challenge the refreshment majors and their endeavors to keep up the state of affairs which they have been accomplishing for all the years they have been doing business. The drink game will undoubtedly change, to improve things and Hector plans to be the individuals doing it Hector is a refreshment organization with a bend. Presently that doesn't generally imply that Hectors items have a scramble of lemon (some of them, later on mayindeed however that is well unimportant). The contort is that Hectors refreshments are significant. Hector refreshments accepts, and accept with a ton of power, that drinks must be more than bubbly, improved/seasoned water. Overall refreshments contribute a ton to the purchasers wellbeing conveying large scale supplements (protein) and small scale (nutrients and minerals) and there is no motivation behind why that ought not be the situation in the creating scene. Indeed, no explanation separated from the way that the refreshment monsters have a personal stake in supporting the norm as that holds cost down. Hector refreshments is the tenderfoot that means to take on the refreshment majors by offering genuine incentive to the buyer that is it, so straightforward simply solid, delectable beverages, no superstars, no Santa Claus, no ringers, no whistles. Hector partners itself with this story. As it is an extremely little player, new one additionally, in an industry which is so ruled by significant players like Coke and Pepsi, it despite everything accepts that it will endure and win clients. Hector is aware of what are the key weaknesses of the current drink players-their latency, and conceit and their pledge to business as usual. Along these lines, Hector Beverages believe that this Hector Vs Achilles will likewise be a challenge of memorable extents, yet with an essentially unique result MISSION Hectors statement of purpose is as per the following: 3 our main goal is to serve individuals by Quality, Healthy and scrumptious protein drink. VISION Hectors vision is to catch Delhi and NCR advertise by giving quality, sound and delicious protein drink at an appropriate cost to keep individuals solid and fit. Qualities We considered this and chose to have this segment not on the grounds that each organization appears to have something sensibly rich to state on its qualities. We understood this is the start of separation and our qualities to us are only a portion of the basic things that energize us. As some writer, overlooked savagely by writing must have apropos noted: with progressively self-serving rubbish we won't bore further thee in any case, rather, simply spread out for your perusing delight our qualities three. 1. Dauntlessness: For clear reasons. another business is in any case extreme. The way that we would be taking on the Beverage Behemoths makes it considerably all the more energizing. We love planning for an impressive future and are in it since we need to request that the large young men ready and waiting 2. Pulling for the longshot: The dark horse can’t however invest more energy. As the true blue dark horse in the refreshment advertise we have a personal stake in pulling for the longshot. 3. Respectability: All flippancy aside, we are focused on the more noteworthy regular great and enduringly so. Organization HIGHLIGHTS The firm has begun its activity to satisfy the need of the market portion that despite everything have not been satisfying appropriately. Hector Beverages brings solid, scrumptious refreshments to the Indian buyer. The organization

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Reading More Translated Books Will Make You a Better Person

Reading More Translated Books Will Make You a Better Person One of my literary New Years resolutions was to read more works in translation, and so far, Ive done pretty well. According to my records, nearly 50% of my reading has been translated fiction. Why did I make this one of my resolutions? Because reading a book that wasnt written in my native language, by someone whose culture Im probably unfamiliar with, will help make me a better person. Now, Im no la-dee-dautopia-flowers-unicorns-loooooooove-sparkly-stars! kind of girl. As you know. But I do know, from my own experience and from reading essays and posts by translators, as well as articles and introductions by translated writers, that the very act of translation is a bridging of (seemingly disparate) cultures. Of course, American culture is different from French culture is different from Indonesian culture, etc. Ultimately, though, we are all plain ol humans, and humans have some, you know, cross-cultural/national/ethnic similarities. We all love, hate, fight, care for one another, dream, and above all, tell stories. When we read a translated text, were stepping into another country and its history, with all of its traditions, songs, wars, art, religion(s), and languages/dialects. Just the simple act of reading about, for example, a young girls experience growing up in Northern Ireland, or a middle-aged man remembering his boyhood in Communist-era Bulgaria, forces us to confront that which were (probably) clueless about. But isnt it always more comfortable to read about what you know? Isnt it easier to stay locked up in a bubble of sameness and recognition? Well, as Book Riot has pointed out many times, reading about the experiences of people who dont look like you will make you a better reader and a better person. Youll further develop such basically human traits as compassion, tolerance, and understanding. You may not run outside and join hands with all of humanity and sing, but at least youll recognize that its at least more interesting when we all share our different experiences. To be clear, no ones offered me the Nobel Peace Prize, and I dont think I should be crowned with laurel and hoisted up on shoulders and declared awesome. Rather, Im saying that immersing myself recently in the texts of Japanese, Bulgarian, Finnish, and Polish writers has forced me out of my comfort zone. Ive learned about post-war Japan (Red Girls), Communist-era Bulgaria (The Physics of Sorrow), Finnish fantasy/magical realism (The Rabbit-Back Literature Society), and Polish sci-fi (Nest of Worlds,  The Old Axolotl) in ways I never would have from simply learning the facts about these countries in school. And Im stressing fiction here (though I do need to get back into poetry, as well) because the ways in which we humans tell stories reveals our differing worldviews but also brings us together. I can now, for instance, talk to my friend who recently moved back to Japan about contemporary authors that she reads, and about how theyre received in their home country. We can discuss how translation has changed/enriched the text that we both read, just in different languages. I plan to continue reading translated fiction and getting in your faces about how awesome these books are so youll read them, too. The more we read in translation, the more well get of it here in the U.S. So read more books in translation. Support publishers who bring us those books. Lets do this. ____________________ Follow us on Twitter for more bookish goodness!

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How Can Bim Technology Assist in Optimising the Life Cycle...

Paper for the 16th Pacific Rim Real Estate Society Conference Wellington, New Zealand 24-27 January 2010. How can BIM Technology assist in optimising the Life Cycle Cost of a Building? By Francis Pf Lai, Dulani Halvitigala, John Boon, Roger Birchmore Department of Construction, Unitec New Zealand Abstract The complexity of a modern construction project, especially in a fast track environment, necessities the use of Building Information Management (BIM) system to manage such a project to provide the necessary probable cost outcomes of alternative designs ahead of the actual construction times. The visualization of such alternative designs through ‘prototyping’ design solutions has the definite advantage of identifying†¦show more content†¦The full Ecotect analysis is then applied to the design to capture the effects to the building over time by simulated visualized outcomes in the form of 2D drawings representing the differing time spans of the life of the building. The benefits of using BIM in modern construction project management have been well recognized. Eastman et al (2008)[7], for instance, have described the use of BIM for developing models that enable computational based analysis and simulation to be undertaken. Soubra (2008)[8] has discussed the ability of BIM to model â€Å"comforts† including thermal, visual, acoustic and air quality. Vaizidou (2007)[9] has highlighted the benefit of BIM’s modelling technique in using the x-y-z axes for representations of time line: project tasks: design outputs in projects. The concept of the x-y-z axes, which will be discussed to a fuller detail later in this paper, is of particular relevance as it illustrates the simple idea of representation of the outcomes from Ecotect applications. The use of BIM techniques has therefore achieved widespread commercial use in building designs. â€Å"The Contractors’ Guide to BIM† published by The American General Contractors Association[10] identifies BIM as a tool that enables the construction industry to: â€Å"more efficiently operate in new and increasingly expeditious ways. Initially, BIM and 3D models have primarily helped eliminate design conflicts with farShow MoreRelatedSwot Analysis Finance Department Accounts Department13110 Words   |  53 Pages ...................... 35 Vision ...................... 36 2013–2014 STRATEGY AND BUSINESS PLAN 1 FOREWORD FROM CHAIRMAN AND CEO Welcome to this BRANZ 2013–14 Strategy and Business Plan, foreshadowing a busy year for the building and construction industry and for BRANZ as its independent research organisation. This plan continues to build on the strategic intent agreed by the BRANZ Board and Executive Team at their combined retreat in late 2011, resolving that BRANZ

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What You Dont Know About Write College Papers for Money Could Be Costing to More Than You Think

What You Don't Know About Write College Papers for Money Could Be Costing to More Than You Think Our college essay writing services are targeted at providing you the professional. Take a look at sources that you truly use. Each time you see our website and ask us to compose my essays, we are more than content to assist you with that and assist during the entire procedure. You should discover different places where you could carry out your research, for example the neighborhood library. At precisely the same time, it's still true that you have to repeat the work multiple times to enhance the standard of your content. Paper work is a complicated and large-scale written work you've ever had to perform for tutors. The Number One Question You Must Ask for Write College Papers for Money To start with, you should make sure that you learn more about their writers. When writers work with urgent deadlines, they must work additional hours since they are not able to miss deadlines for different orders. Our writers study the essay for absence of borrowing, in other words, plagiarism. They are not an exception. Our company is prepared to offer college paper writing. All you need to do is to speak to us today. At any time you require assistance with college paper, you're welcome. On the web, there are scores of companies where you are able to hire academic papers writers who will aid you with your essays. After all, it's just a paper you should finish by a particular deadline. What's more, you are going to find out how to develop different speech drafts and ideas really quickly. How many pages it is essential to write and what the last deadline is. You might want to have the remainder of your college papers done here. Choosing Good Write College Papers for Money There may be all sorts of unique reasons for deciding to use a paper writing service, including for the simple fact that it's a lot easier and provides you a superb possibility of obtaining a high excellent mark for the part of work that's handed in. There are times that you chance to have plenty of school work to be submitted in a short time period. Now you can obtain an important quantity of time to do anything you want, especially rest after a hard academic moment. Especially when besides the simple fact that there's no moment, there is not any inspiration! After all, when you understand well what you're referring to, it's easier that you provide a speech. If you've made the choice to purchase college paper, trust us with the work, and you'll be back for more! Despite this kind of unpromising start, today it's so a lot more than that. If you're talking about your future then you need ton't put money as the top priority to contemplate when you hire a person to write your papers. Most writers will merely have a day or a couple of hours to get started. Who don't have sufficient time or interest to finish their college papers. Sometimes, it's sufficient to locate a couple of helpful life hacks to conserve a couple of hours on homework. There are a number of folks who write papers for money, but you need to find. Write College Papers for Money - the Story The earlier you want to get a comprehensive paper, the greater the price will be. When you complete the purchase form, you will take note of the last price of the job. As you already understood, we're prepared to finish the order even in a quick moment. After you have placed your purchase, you can settle back and relax. When you choose to employ a person to compose a paper for money online, you're giving yourself the opportunity to work on other assignments and tasks that you have to finish all on your own. What you have to do is to fill out the purchase form, make a payment, and in a couple minutes, you'll get your private essay helper. Paper work is on the basis of scientific data, taken from an assortment of sources, practical material of enterprises and assorted companies. You can rest assured that each one of the custom papers that we write are plagiarism-free When employing a service for custom paper writing, you need to be sure to use one which is going to make certain that your bit of work will be completely and utterly free of plagiarism.

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Real vs Reality TV Free Essays

string(50) " The numbers climb out of the ring as fast as in\." Television has become a â€Å"member† of almost every single family on our planet. And not just an ordinary member, but a very important one, because the time spent next to it exceeds the amount of time spent together with any other family member. You do not have to apply any efforts to talk or listen to complaints while â€Å"communicating† with it. We will write a custom essay sample on Real vs Reality TV or any similar topic only for you Order Now You do not have to play with your little son after a hard working day. You are SO tired! Can anybody respect that? You can simply turn the TV on and everything is done. The kids are quiet, your significant other is not complaining. It is so simple that it has become an integral part of the culture of every family. It is the only time, when a person can forget about all the family troubles and the failures of the day. The sofa opposite the TV set has become the place of â€Å"reconciliation and spiritual unity† of the family. And what is it that we’re watching? Is it an educational or discovery channel? Although some might, the majority of the shows we consume are reality shows. But â€Å"what is reality television? † one might ask. Reality TV is defined by MSN Encarta as â€Å"television programs that present people in live, though often deliberately manufactured, situations and monitor their emotions and behavior. † Within this genre of television are subgenres such as Game or Elimination, Talent, Talk, Makeover, Documentary, and Spoofs. It was first introduced by Allen Flunt’s 1948 program Candid Camera. The show involved concealing cameras filming ordinary people being confronted with unusual situations, sometimes involving trick props, such as a desk with drawers that pop open when one is closed or a car with a hidden extra gas tank. When the joke was revealed, victims would be told the show’s catch phrase, â€Å"Smile, you’re on Candid Camera. † The show became a top rated TV show in both network runs and syndication. Reality television enjoyed a renewed popularity in the 2000s with shows like American Idol that featured an interactive aspect, asking viewers to call in to vote for favorites. Today you cannot turn the television on without coming across reality television. The final ratings for the 2009-2010 television seasons show that reality TV lead the pack and bring up the rear end. It is everywhere and although it has spread in popularity there is often more negative remarks made against it than positive. Critics of reality TV often argue that the shows promote sex, drinking, violence and racism. Although reality TV may be fun to watch, it is very dangerous for teenagers who don’t have set morals and self-identities. Reality TV is questionable because of the messages some of the shows depict. While these messages can have an effect on everyone who views them, the audience that may be the most susceptible is teenagers. The most contested issues are whether reality TV is, in fact, â€Å"reality† and whether teenagers may develop perceptions from the reality shows that may lead to poor choices and negative consequences. In a 2004 issue of â€Å"Pediatrics,† Rebecca L. Collins, senior behavioral scientist at the RAND Corp. , and her colleagues presented the results of a survey that measured the amount of sexual explicit television that teenagers watched and how much sexual experience the teenagers had had at a one-year follow up survey. They found that teenage exposure to sexual content on television shows increased the likelihood of initiating sexual acts and the effect of shows that depicted sexual behaviors and those that just discussed sex had the same effect on teenage audiences. Similarly, in a 2008 edition of â€Å"Pediatrics,† Anita Chandra, a behavioral scientist at the RAND Corp. , and her colleagues released the results of a survey conducted over a three-year period that measured teenagers’ exposure to sexual content on television and any resulting first-hand experience with pregnancy. They found that teenagers who regularly watch television programs containing a significant amount of sexual behavior are two times more likely to become pregnant or impregnate someone than those teenagers who do not watch programs with sexual content. Reality TV is also dangerous because of the way it depicts the characters as heavy drinkers. Many programs include segments that show the main characters drinking, partying and engaging in rambunctious behavior, but they often fail to show to the consequences that the characters must face for these actions. When teenagers see these types of behaviors, they might be led to believe that they too should consume large amounts of alcohol and act in a similar manner. Television violence in reality TV is another major concern. Studies show that the amount of violence that is watched on television affects the amount of aggression and violence displayed in the individual (Fernandez, Roberto, Juan and Amy 137). Reality shows such as The Bad Girls Club and The Real World have more than its share of the violence. The target viewers for MTV are ages twelve to thirty three, this demographic makes up approximately thirty three percent of the U. S. population (Smith 89). Thirteen year olds are already susceptible to influence, and are more at risk to be adversely affected by violent television than are those of later years (Comstock 1205). If life is really like it is depicted to be on an episode of The Bad Girls Club, the average person should wake up to a side of pointless fight, brunch to a cussing war, and eat supper around the time someone breaks a nose. Studies of US television airings discovered that there was a consistent rate of five to six violent acts per hour (Fernandez, Roberto, Juan and Amy 137). In watching an episode of the Ultimate Fighter, one can expect to see at least twenty to thirty violent acts within the thirty minute airing with three minute commercial interruptions. Arriving at twenty to thirty violent acts in an episode is when you only count each individual match as one act. The numbers climb out of the ring as fast as in. You read "Real vs Reality TV" in category "Essay examples" If this is what young adolescents are taking is as â€Å"reality† than it is no wonder there are problems with violence and aggression in schools and on the streets. In a behavioral science study, it was stated that â€Å"Aggression [†¦ is the product of social categorization† and that it is not a natural phenomenon (Comstock 1206). According to a study conducted at Syracuse University in New York, â€Å"There is a statistically significant, positive relationship between exposure to television or film violence and aggressive and antisocial behavior† (Comstock 1186). The study concluded this theory by stating that by viewing violent television in everyday life, antisocial and aggressive behaviors and tendencies would be facilitated (Comstock 1191). With this outlook, it seems much more likely that the significant amount of aggression present in society today can very well be influenced if not caused by the vast ocean of aggression harbored in television culture. Racism is very prevalent in crime reality television. There is a vast overrepresentation of violent crime (e. g. Kooistra, Mahoney, Westervelt 1998; Oliver, 1994; Potter et al, 1997), crimes cleared (e. g. , Kooistra et al, 1998; Oliver, 1994) and non-whites as offenders and whites as law nforcement officers. In a direct test of the cultivation hypothesis, a social theory which examined the long-term effects of television on American audiences of all ages, Oliver Armstrong (1998) reported that whites who watched more reality TV were more likely to report higher crime prevalence estimates. The construction of these programs is considered from a cultural, qualitative perspective focusing on the ideal perspectives conveyed about law and order, social threats, and audience empowerment (Cavender, 11998; J.  Fishman, 1999). For example, Cavender and Bond-Maupin (1993) argue that these programs make use of story-telling conventions to encourage empathy with an unsuspecting victim who falls prey to evil, which, in turn, primes the notion that no place is safe. They also indicated that reality-based crime shows such as America’s Most Wanted and Unsolved Mysteries depict crime in ways similar to those used in fictionalized crime shows which reinforces existing cultural stereotypes about criminals and victims. The First 48 is one of the most watched non-fiction investigation series which aires on AE. Set in several cities across the U. S. , the series offers an insider’s look at the real-life world of homicide investigators. Each episode picks one or more homicides in different cities, covering each alternately, showing how detectives use forensic evidence, witness interviews and other advanced detective skills to identify suspects. The cops on this show are mainly White, with the exception of a couple of Black investigators that are shown on few episodes. This show is very biased in the fact that it depicts only the black communities across the nation and that which is full of criminals, gang violence drug saturation. One would almost think that there are no White people who commit the same types of crime(s) in those cities. Or is it that the Police Departments in the white communities of those ( other) cities don’t permit the exploitation which is presented by this programming’s directors? The genre has also created a slew of reality stars, as a result of the fame game. It seems that many are random people with no apparent talent. Keeping up with the Kardashians has made famous a whole family who appear to be famous without reason except that they have a reality show. Another reality TV favorite is The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The series has been going strong for three seasons. Everything about the show is a mess. This season has been about even more drama than ever before. Will Cynthia marry Peter? Is Phaedra married to a convict? Will â€Å"NeNe† and Greg get divorced? Will Brice get it together? The craziness and complexity of it all is never ending. Why do we care? These people are just ordinary people with no real celebrity other than what we the viewers give them. The uses and gratifications perspective, the assumption that a media channel cannot influence an individual unless that person has some use for the medium or its particular message (e. g. Katz, 1959; Rubin Rubin, 1985), may be a clear explanation of the genre’s appeal. The uses and gratifications framework includes five primary beliefs. The first is that an individual’s behavior is goal directed and motivated. Second, people select and use media to satisfy biological, psychological and social needs. Third, individuals are influenced by various social and psychological factors when selecting among communication alternatives. Fourth, those media consumers are aware of their needs and whether these needs are being satisfied by a particular medium. Fifth, that different media compete with one another for attention, selection, and use. In sum, uses and gratifications theory states that individuals are aware of their needs, evaluate various channels and content, assess functional alternatives and select the media or interpersonal channel that they believe will provide the gratifications they seek. Reality TV also offers some positive aspects as well. American Idol, which is the leader of reality TV, had over 24,000,000 viewers. The show starts off with thousands of people auditioning in hopes of becoming America’s next superstar. Some can sing, but many just make utter fools of themselves on national television. Just a week ago an American Idol hopeful auditioned in front of the judges with her opera rendition of Justin Beiber’s song â€Å"Baby†. As she belts the notes Randy immediately puts his head down and motions for her to stop. Steven Tyler and â€Å"JLo† look as if they don’t know what is going on and as she hits the high note Steven marks the end with the sound of an explosion. They break out with laughter, just as we do sitting at home watching. â€Å"What the hell was that? † may be what comes to mind. Beside it being purely entertaining because we like to see others humiliate themselves, the show offers stories of success. For the people who volunteer themselves for the likes of American Idol and America’s Next Top Model, winning the show is potentially a life-changing experience and a springboard to a career in the entertainment industry. The reward is there for the taking, but it’s often not just the winners who can make a name for themselves. Jennifer Hudson, a finalist on season 3 of American idol and Tocarra Jones, a participant on season 3 of America’s Next Top Model, may not have won the shows, but they both went on to have major success. Jennifer Hudson made her film debut in the 2006 film Dreamgirls, which won her many awards such as an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress and a Golden Globe Award. She also won a Grammy award for her debut album. Tocarra is a working plus-size model today and she is signed to the largest modeling agency in the world. Reality TV can also provide learning on dating, family relations, friendships and dealing with sensitive issues. Pedro Zamora’s 1994 appearance on MTV reality show The Real World was a landmark media event: the first openly HIV-positive gay man on a nationwide TV series. Zamora, who died at 22 just as Real World: San Francisco ended, was a teen when he learned he was HIV-positive, a diagnosis that led the diminutive Miami resident to become an AIDS activist and educator. His MTV fame ultimately drew the attention of President Clinton. Zamora’s role on Real World: San Francisco was memorable not only for lecturing housemates and viewers about HIV and preventative measures but also for his combative relationship with the abrasive Puck Rainey, one of the most polarizing roommates in the show’s 21-year history. Things got so testy between Zamora and the politically incorrect Rainey that the roommates ultimately banned Rainey from their collective home. Even those reality shows that aren’t competitions can still make a name for the stars. Lauren Conrad started her career on MTV’s â€Å"Laguna Beach: The Real OC,† and with subsequent exposure on â€Å"The Hills† has become a best-selling author, spokesperson and fashion designer–not bad for a normal California girl. Watching these successes has also inspired a generation of youngsters to aspire to make something of themselves. They want to better their lives and find inspiration from the success stories after the cameras have stopped rolling. Reality TV also offers a source of distraction and diversion to everyday life. It gives you a break away from your stress and frustration. Of course this does not solve the root case, but it helps take away from the root source of the stress. Although taking a walk or reading a book may be better alternatives for distractions, reality TV still allows you to momentarily forget your problems because you’re consumed in others on television. Although reality TV offers some positive aspects such as success stories, positive learning experiences, distractions and others, the negatives outweigh them all when it comes to the teenagers which the shows are aimed at. They presume that reality TV is actually â€Å"reality†, which it is not by any means. Teenagers do not have the understanding so they could and probably will fall subject to all the negative side it can entail. Some solutions to the problem may be for the parents to parent more and as they should. Parents should have the knowledge about what reality TV is and explain it to their children. Parents or society should not rely on reality TV or any genre of television to teach our children or ourselves for that matter. It will indefinitely lead us in the wrong direction. It is not to teach, but to entertain. If we have the knowledge about what reality TV actually is, in turn, we will be able to keep it in the context of entertainment and not reality. For those who don’t take it seriously it can provide entertainment for 30 minutes or so. But if taken as â€Å"reality†, it then has a danger of harming its audience with unrealistic expectations. How to cite Real vs Reality TV, Essay examples

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Lesson rationale for micro teach free essay sample

The importance of hand hygiene in a Veterinary Practice Introduction The lesson aim is to introduce the complex subject of microbial transference and the role that hand hygiene plays. Within the fifteen minutes allocated to this lesson, learners will be involved in a couple of exercise’s that directly relate to hand hygiene and will assist the learner to build on knowledge throughout the session. The subject has been chosen in part because it is within the tutors subject knowledge and specialism, the subject is also relevant to current media interest due to the increase in hospital acquired infection and the resistance of pathogens to antibiotics, therefore although this presentation is pertaining to Veterinary Surgery protocol, it is very relevant to all medical type establishment and will also be of current interest to many learners including those with no prior medical training. Delivery This lesson has been devised to achieve learning that caters for a range of learning styles, the lesson should achieve as equal learning for all learners involved as is possible, the lesson is predominantly student led with some short tutor led areas. We will write a custom essay sample on Lesson rationale for micro teach or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page To ensure that the objectives can be achieved in the limited time constraints of the sessions, the session must be actively managed by the tutor and learners will need to be kept on track throughout. Visual aspects – Power point, pictures, glow bright solution Auditory aspects– Tutor led discussion, peer review of practical areas Reading/writing aspects– Learners may take notes throughout the session, handouts given for later recap Kinaesthetic aspect– Practical elements such as carrying out the hand wash The lesson structure Tutor to introduce objectives of the session to learners Objectives ?Identify 2 ways infection transmission can occur ? Identify the importance of hand hygiene in infection control ? Integrate five evidence based hand hygiene methods into clinical practice Objectives will allow learners to understand what they will achieve by the end of the session; this will in turn motivate learners to actively engage in the session, to fulfil the expected learning outcomes. A very brief over view of what pathogens are and how they can be transferred directly and indirectly. Due to the groups of learners involved potentially having minimal prior learning/knowledge in this area an introduction to pathogens and how they may be transferred is required to underpin the importance of hand hygiene. Integration of hand hygiene into the flow of clinical work – 5 moments of hand hygiene (Adapted from the WHO 5 moments of hand hygiene) Illustrate to learners the need for hand hygiene to be a ‘culture’ within the clinical setting to ensure essential hand hygiene ‘moments’ are not missed. Practical element – learners to rub glow bright over their own hands to identify how effective their own hand hygiene is currently Learners will be informed of what glow bright will identify i. e areas of the hands that have not been effectively cleaned, or have had pathogen transfer since the last hand wash. Tutor will inform learners that anyone feeling uncomfortable may participate in peer review but not use the glow-bright on themselves. This part of the lesson will highlight to the learners the need for a standardised hand wash protocol without such protocol the standards of hand hygiene vary dramatically from individual to individual. Tutor will demonstrate the standardised WHO hand hygiene alcohol hand gel method, learners will demonstrate this method back to the tutor, and tutor will ensure that all learners are able to carry out this method competently. Learners need to understand what this standardised method achieves, that all areas of the hand are effectively cleaned, reducing the transient population of pathogens on the hand surface, therefore reducing the ability for these transient pathogens to be passed on to objects and patients. The lesson will end with re-scanning of the hand with a UV lamp to see if areas of glow bright have reduced on learner’s hands. This will allow students to assess themselves on how effectively they feel they carried out the hand clean. Assessment for learning will occur through the three main practical sessions within the lesson structure. Initial assessment will involve the tutor asking students to state a number between 1-5 as to level of current knowledge of subject, one be low and five being high. Formative assessment will be carried out during the three practical’s this will be peer assessed and tutor assessed. Summative assessment will not be achieved within this session due to time constraints Resources required Laminated pictures †¢Sticky spots (two colours) †¢Handout of the WHO hand gel rub method †¢Alcohol hand rub †¢Glow bright solution †¢UV light †¢Paper towel Conclusion This session is designed to educate learners about the importance of hand hygiene, how hand hygiene is integrated into clinical work and how effective hand hygiene methods can be employed. This is achieved through tutor and student led activities that culminate in students assessing their own hand hygiene effectiveness.